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"Idiosyncratic...poignant, beautifully written."

Mail on Sunday

"Praise for Meet Me in the In-Between

Think Eat, Pray, Love-finding yourself, laughing, and taking what you need even when it's not what you wanted-only cooler."

Marie Claire



"Brava . . . Pollen's account of bohemian family life and outrageous mafia-in-laws is funny, poignant and acute."

The Spectator

"... a memoir of an indelible life full of incredible adventures."


"Funny, startling and unexpectedly poignant."      The New Statesman

Growing up the middle child of transatlantic parents, her down-to-earth mother and romantic father - Bella Pollen never quite figured out how to belong. Restlessly crossing back and forth between the boundaries of family and freedom, England and America, home and away, she has sought but generally failed to contain an adventurous spirit within the confines of conventional living.


When she awakes one morning stymied by an existential panic, Pollen grudgingly concludes that in order to move forward, she needs to take a good look at her past. In Meet Me in the In-Between, Pollen takes us on the illuminating journey of a life, from her privileged, unorthodox childhood in Upper Manhattan through early marriage to the Italian son of an alluring Godfather, to the dusty border towns of Mexico where she falls in with a crowd of Pink Floyd–loving smugglers. Throughout all, Bella grapples intently with relationships, motherhood, career ups and downs, and a pathological fear of being boxed in. 


Interwoven with exquisite passages of graphic memoir, this is a tender, funny, and deeply honest story of one woman’s quest to keep looking for the extraordinary in an ordinary life. 

The illustrations in the book are by KATE BOXER, a British artist and print maker whose unique and idiosyncratic body of work defies categorization. Her most recent show, “ I won’t eat you” was held 2016 at Cricket Fine Art, London.


The calligraphy in the book was designed by AMY GADNEY, a multi-media artist and writer. Winner of the 2011 GAM prize, she has exhibited her work in both Europe and America. Her first solo show ‘Ghost Load’ was staged 2015 at Cecilia Brunson Projects in London.

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‘Part fairy-tale, part suspense-thriller this magical book grips hold of you, almost creating the sensation of an out-of-body experience - one that'll keep you holding your breath until the very last minute’

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Estranged from her father, undermined by her boyfriend, and with her third screenplay recently rejected Kit finds herself badly adrift. Her favourite therapy, renting the appropriate video and scrutinising the footage for clues on how to behave, no longer provides her with all the answers.

Funny, sad, truthful, Pollen’s semi autobiographical first novel is at once a biting satire on the fashion industry and a timely reminder that having it all comes with a high price tag.

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